Bolkar Privacy Policy and Terms

Bolkar is well versed and adhered to safeguard the privacy of our users, in both the domains- Users/Experts. We are ensuring a wide sense of easy-to- use measure for the users, while accessing the portal and availing any of its advanced features/packages. These measures are headed towards ensuring the privacy of the users and their info-submissions.
A well-researched and in-depth run through of the terms and conditions applicable is a MUST for all the users, before acceptance as Bolkar holds the right to alter and modify the terms and conditions and thus the users/experts must keep a close watch at the daily updates on the website.

Content Terms

Bolkar has the right to use that content for it's promotional/advertising/media promotion without any consent of the content creator.
Bolkar has the right to modify the payout rates withour giving any prior notice.
Bolkar has the right to modify per-view rates any time in future.
Company through its Website/Application receives, stores and transmits Published Works/Inputs solely on behalf of the Users. Users remain the sole authors and owners of their Published Works/Inputs.
Further, Company does not control or restrict the publishing or reading of the Published Works/Inputs nor modifies the same prior to upload of the same on the Website/Application

1. Company is not responsible for any abuse/offense/harrasment caused due to our platform. Though we will support you in this cause!
2. If anybody post something anonyous then we cannot in any case disclose his/her name is any circumstance. Same policy goes with report ie. we cannot show this who has reported which content on platform.
3. Creator is responsible for his own content. Please do not put content which is objectionable ,unlawful, against national interest, misleading or offensive
4. Please do not post anything related to app mal-functionality or anything against platform. If you face any app related problem please reach out to 8700886309 (Whatsapp Only)
5. All the data including Question(s)/Answer(s) or any other visible info either in view-source is a sole property of Bolkar.
If anyone is found either scrapping, using or mis-using the information without our prior written permission is objectionable by law.
6. Bolkar is commited to security. We reward reporters for the responsible disclosure of in-scope issues and exploitation techniques.
If you discover a bug, we appreciate your cooperation in responsibly investigating and reporting it to us so that we can address it as soon as possible. In such case write to us at and we will get back to you.

Info-About the Users

Our quest for Innovation is ON and thus our measures involving user-profile- info- submission is accessed in a collective manner , to ensure a wholesome benefit of all the users/experts accessing the website. This information will act as a Survey option and percentage detailing for stats amidst the users/experts both , to ensure that both the parties involved have the best experience .Though we will not provide this Info to the third party in any case whatsoever. Your feedback and suggestions is our priority and we will not hold back ourselves , from asking our users opinion in the form of polls, feedback write-ups and rating points , to ensure a quality website visit for all the parties involved.
Broadly we collect these information

1. Login Data (Phone Number) - By User concent who wants to login
2. Content you listen/see/like/share/dislike/search
3. Profile Page you open
4. Last Login Time
5. Location Information - By User concent
6. Device Id and IP Address - To prevent abuse

Information about YOU

Bolkar, has a registration process, wherein the (Users/Experts) have to fill in the sign up details with the categories such as E-mail, Name of the users, Mobile Number etc. This Info is used by the portal to keep the users updated on the on-going changes and Innovative measures being executed in the portal along with Service Availing (ensured by the portal on minimal charges, if applicable). Moreover, it is mainly used by us to keep the registered users (especially the users) updated on the upcoming topics and trends .This process is purely entitled for the benefit of our registered users.

Disclosure of Information/No Breach or Theft of Data Policy

Bolkar, has a strict policy in context to Data Protection, wherein User Profile Visits will not be made public along with other info like personal information entered, while signing up , in the portal to any of the third parties , registered with us.

Profile Shape-Up

during the registration /sign up process of the users, they are necessitated to submit their profile details, that is used by our organization. Though we ensure, that our organization will not allow any breach of data from our side, but we are NOT liable for Data Theft from any of the unauthorized users. Though we ensure, that unauthorized access of your Info is minimal, but if it happens, we don’t hold any liability for it. We ensure that from our side, we will share all the relevant details for the users ‘candidature with our trusted partners only.


Company shall have the right to suspend or terminate partially or fully the usage and access rights of the User to the Website/Application if there is any non-compliance with these Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy.